Wander through our beautiful property to find your perfect tree! 


We have a wide variety of trees to fit your personal height and style preferences! Our trees range from seedlings to trees 6' to 8' tall with our larger white spruce pushing 10'. We also have 12' to 18' "Cathedral size" trees available.


A few notes to make the best out of your visit to our farms!

  • Bring a hand saw (or use one of ours, deposit required). No axes or chainsaws please.
  • Please leave your dog at home... but do bring everyone else! 
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Please do not ask us to pick a tree for you as they are all perfect to us!
  • Visiting a farm in winter is colder, wetter, windier & muddier that in the city. Dress warmly & wear good boots.
  • Trees appear smaller in the field than in your house. Most house ceilings are 8 ft in height. A person 6 ft in height can reach to about 8ft on his or her tippy-toes.

Keep safety in mind! 

  • Please do not bring glass bottles and other disposable items to the field.
  • Watch for stumps and be careful on uneven ground and ice.
  • Please make sure you choose the perfect tree before cutting.

Wholesale Services Available Soon

Christmas tree distribution  |  Nursery stock  |  Soil manufacturing